The Man in the Iron Mask and THE LAST MUSKETEERS Featuring a performance by Wiliam Richert as Alexandre Dumas. This film and the original (without the addition of Alexander Dumas’ character in this movie) was Richert’s handcrafted take on the Alexander Dumas classic. The leading dual role of twin brothers separated at birth was written for and conceived as a reunion project for River Phoenix with whom the director worked on JIMMY REARDON – AREN’T YOU EVEN GONNA KISS ME GOODBYE? In light of the actor’s untimely passing, Richert cast his own son, Nicholas, in the dual roles of King Louis XIV and his imprisoned twin, Philippe, and himself as the cunning musketeer Aramis. Full of Richert’s canny ideas about the contemporary relevance of Dumas’s tale, and in the garrulous playing of co-stars Edward Albert and Timothy Bottoms and heroics of Dennis Hayden as D’Artagnan.