The so-called 'union' named Writers Guild of America is made up of thousands of 'reality show' 'writers' of the kind who created Donald J. Trump. The WGA, as quoted by one famous writer's widow, "They tell lie after lie after lie" - and now they shut down an entire industry, where hundreds of thousands rely on continuing filmmaking, to satisfy further pension fund demands -- when their pension fund is healthy and in the billions. Also they want more profits etc. when many of the writers, like Speilberg and Sorkin, already make hundreds of millions etc. Screenwriting is an art form, and can make billions in profits for screenwriters. WGAW is a self-serving self-centered group of producers like John Wells who care nothing for writers or their work, only profits and cash flow. Google John Wells to discover how screenwriters can make out like bandits. Thus they don't need to steal from those less fortunate, or put them out of work. Also check out WILLIAM RICHERT VS WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA, LA SUPERIOR COURT -- further info to be provided. No strike required against the truth, or the facts, or the future.