HOWARD RODMAN is leading the Writer's Guild Strike.
Millions who watch the nightly news or BATES MOTEL should know his name.

He is waging war on a culture (sic) for a few dollars more for 'writers' you may want to read to believe.

HOWARD RODMAN has similar credits as a writer as the Board of Directors at theWGA and most of the other members of the 'union.'

His credits include SAVAGE GRACE (2007) TAKEDOWN (2000) and AUGUST (2008).

He is striking for money. His union is basically blackmailing millions of artists to force studios to pay more for things they have already paid for.

And besides, I know from suing the WGAW in court, their leadership is criminal, and has paid millions to lawyers like Tony Segall and Neville Johnson to cover up their thefts.

If the strike Howard Rodman wages, which will put upwards of half a million writers, actors, directors, real estate agents, Mercedes salesmen, waiters, hairdressers, truck drivers, costume makers, casting directors, grips and electricians -- some to go out of work for months (already beginning) and others never to get jobs back at all (since the last WGA strike in 2007.)

If Howard lives to be 2,787 years old, he will not see any benefits from this strike -nor will almost 100% of the other strikers.

What has Howard to gain on May Day in what Jeff Sessions calls the "era of Trump" by silencing all our news writers, our satirists and comedy writers.

What has Howard to gain by taking down all the truly marvelous writers who are nailing Donald Trump to his own hotel walls?

At the crucial time in our History, the WGAw, composed of billionaires like Spielberg and John Wells and the guy who wrote ALIEN etc. etc. -- union members urging war -- as they could easily stop this strike -- these and dozens of other otherwise outspoken men who keep deadly silent about the stupidity of shutting down hope for thousands because they may get an extra 1.5 gross percentage.

Howard, why are you doing this? Do you think anybody will give you a movie deal because you're a warrior?

I know why WGA Executive Director, former teamster chief David Young is doing this. As a teamster organizer he helped destroy the textile industry and that got him noticed by John Wells, who bothered to look to North Carolina, and a man who maybe never read much beyond strike fliers, to lead America's screenwriters and authors against the studios who used to give them jobs.

The Donald Trump is grateful for Teamster David Young for removing the manufacturing base to China so Trump could win an election.

Donald Trump is grateful also to Patric Verrone who led the last strike, and walked away with 16 "new media" deals. It was Patric Verrone -- one of 16 writers on the SIMPSON bench - who first suggested Trump as President on one of the episodes.

Well, the very very rich Hollywood deplorables, awaiting a new gross point or two, look to Howard for a nifty bad ass strike.

They should all go to hell.