The question is how much the people in the country can take.

One of the more underrated American political novels—and perhaps the most underrated American political satire—is Richard Condon's Winter Kills, a thinly fictionalized version of the circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination. It was made into a very strange but compelling film by William Richert in 1979 and it starred the great John Huston as the evil Joe Kennedy, Sr. figure who, at the end, is confronted by his stepson, who has proven that the old man was responsible for the murder of the president, his own son.

"I'm all that's standing between you and darkest night, son," Huston says. "The other side of me, there's Chaos."

What we have now is a guy who created the specter of Chaos in the campaign, and who is now halfway to making it a reality in the country, and who still is pitching himself as the only person who can keep us safe from the Chaos that exists in his mind, and from the actual Chaos of his own making. This ought not to be tenable in the leader of a democratic republic. This is not the way it's supposed to work at all.

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